4 tools to help you with the rules

4 tools

With the tiers frequently changing, we've rounded up some tools to help you with the rules. 

  1. The Government’s postcode checker 

There are different rules and restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This handy website lets you enter the postcode where you’re living or spend most of your time to find out what the rules are.

  1. Coronavirus Calculators

Omni calculators have over 1,500 calculators to help you work things out. Here are some you might find useful at the moment:

Note: some of their calculators have been developed for different countries, so make sure you check it applies to the UK!

  1. Translated information

  • Ask Doc have translated health information from Doctors and Public Health England in a range of languages
  • South Asian Health Foundation have put together resources and links in South Asian Languages
  • Doctors of the World have translated resources in 60 languages, which were produced in partnership with the British Red Cross,
  1. Spark and Co. breaking down the rules

There are different rules depending on what tier you are in or if you are in a support bubble. If the Government guidelines confuse you, follow us on social media where we break them down so they’re simple & easy to understand:

If you're struggling to work out the rules or understand the information, you can find over 700 organisations who can help via our Resource Directory. 

This post was written by our Founder, Ishita Ranjan. Find out more about here here.