Wellbeing Workshop Series: Navigating Your Mental Health During Covid-19

Spark and Co. are excited to partner with Inside Out Wellbeing to bring you this workshop series on navigating your mental health during (and after!) Covid-19.  

The pandemic has affected all of our lives in many ways - from lockdowns and not being able to see loved ones, to fears and anxieties about the future. 

Inside Out Wellbeing is a social enterprise committed to helping people improve their mental health and wellbeing. They believe everyone should have access to mental health education, no matter what stage of the journey they are at. Using psychology, education and creativity, they educate, engage and entertain. 

You are welcome to attend any or all of the workshops. Please make sure you sign up as spaces are limited! The workshops are hosted on the first Wednesday of each month from March - August. 

Workshop One: Practical ways to look after your mental health

An overview of holistic evidence-based techniques to manage and optimise wellbeing.

Wednesday 3rd March, 6.30pm. Sign up here. 

Workshop Two: Managing stress and workload

  • Explore the spectrum of stress
  • Discuss physiological and psychological impacts of stress
  • Learn holistic evidence-based stress management techniques

Wednesday 7th April, 6.30pm. Sign up here. 

Workshop Three: Improve your mood & break the cycle of procrastination

  • Explore the spectrum of low mood
  • Understand the psychology of procrastination
  • Learn evidence-based techniques to improve productivity

Wednesday 5th May, 6.30pm. Sign up here. 

Workshop Four: Dealing with depression and preparing for off days

  • Understand behaviour patterns in depression
  • Learn coping mechanisms to manage and optimise mental wellbeing (pillars of health)
  • Create a personalised Wellness Plan

Wednesday 2nd June, 6.30pm. Sign up here. 

Workshop Five: Five ways social media is changing your brain

  • Explore the psychological and physiological effects of social media on the brain
  • Learn techniques to manage social media use

Wednesday 7th July, 6.30pm. Sign up here. 

Workshop Six: Managing anxiety & building your confidence

  • Understand the physiological and psychological impacts of anxiety
  • Learn evidence-based strategies to manage your anxiety
  • Explore the psychology of improving confidence

Wednesday August 4th, 6.30pm. Sign up here.