Nine Places to Shop Ethically (and support Palestine) this Festive Season (or for life)


What is divestment? And why shop from Palestine?

Divestment means moving money away from brands or businesses for financial, ethical, or other reasons. It is the opposite of investment. Divesting your money from Israeli and international companies that are complicit in violations of Palestinian rights is one way you can show your support for Palestine (we cover this in more detail in our extensive guide here).

Alongside moving away from brands in violation of international law, supporting Palestinian brands is a meaningful way to raise awareness of Palestinian culture and make a conscious effort to spend your money with businesses that create a positive impact in the region. 

While availability may vary, and new brands may emerge, here are some Palestinian brands you can explore and shop from when in the UK:

  1. Zaytoun: Zaytoun offers a range of ethically sourced Palestinian products in the UK, including olive oil, za'atar, and maftoul (Palestinian couscous). They are known for supporting Palestinian farmers. You can from Zaytoun here. Zaytoun
  2. Canaan Fair Trade: Canaan Palestine works with small family farms across Palestine.They have a cooperative model, and you can shop for a range of products such as olive oil, tapenade, grains, and spices. You can shop from Canaan here.
  3. Palestine Solidarity Campaign Shop: The Palestine Solidarity Campaign Shop offers a variety of Palestinian-themed products, including clothing, accessories, and artwork. Shop for Palestine Solidarity Campaign shop here to support their campaigning effort towards the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice, equality, and peace.
  4. Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA) are a UK-based NGO demanding political change for Palestine. You can shop their online store here.
  5. Sunbula: Sunbula is a fairtrade platform for beautiful gifts made by artisan groups across Palestine. Every purchase contributes to the income of women, Disabled people, and small-scale farmers. You can shop from Sunbula here.
  6. (stocking scarves from Hirbawi Textile Factory): If you're interested in traditional Palestinian scarves (keffiyeh), the Hirbawi Textile Factory is one of the last manufacturers of the iconic black and white patterned scarves. Yasser Hirbawi opened his factory in 1961, soon building a thriving business which produces the scarf that symbolises resilience and resistance. In 2012, they started a cooperation with and launched, an online shop based in Germany, which sells their Keffiyehs to customers worldwide. You can access their Keffiyeh's at here. 
hirbawi textile factory
  1. Sindyanna of Galilee: A unique non-profit organisation that is led by a team of Arab and Jewish women. Sindyanna produces olive oil, zaatar, honey and other products. Find out where to shop across the world here.
  2. Yaffa Palestinian Products: Yaffa is an online marketplace that connects buyers with Palestinian products, such as dates and coffee. You can find Palestinian products on their marketplace here.
  3. Darzah: Darzah specialises in ethical Palestinian fashion and hand-embroidered products, including shoes, accessories, and home decor. They aim to empower women in the West Bank through employment opportunities. You can shop from Darzah here.

Looking for Palestinian products in the UK

When looking for Palestinian products in the UK:

  • Consider checking local fair trade shops, online marketplaces, or directly visiting the websites of these brands
  • Some international retailers may carry Palestinian products, so keep an eye out for fair trade or ethically sourced items
  • Make sure you read the “about” or “FAQs” section to determine who the brand works with, how they make an impact and how they make their products
  • Use the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) website or the boycott.thewitness website to determine which brands to avoid.

Other ethical shopping platforms

If you’d like to continue shopping ethically, then here are some other brilliant ways to do so in the UK:

  1. The Anqa collective: an online shopping platforms that supports and stocks refugee entrepreneurs in the UK
  2. Black2Business: the UK’s largest Black owned business directory
  3. Social Supermarket: the UK’s largest social enterprise market, all of the products stocked on the platform support organisations making a social impact.  

To explore other ways to support Palestine, check out our extensive guide on How to Support Palestine.