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Refugee, asylum & migration

The Coronavirus pandemic is worsening circumstances for the world's refugee population as well as internally displaced people. 

Travel bans, closed borders and living conditions in camps all amplify the risks to migrants, and lead even more uncertainties with regards to visas and support services that can be accessed. 

In this section, we signpost you to organisations working on migration, refugee and asylum services in the UK that provide emergency services, legal guidance and employability support. 

Coronavirus Asylum Handbook

Refugee Action has published a useful new handbook with information and advice on how charities working with asylum seekers and refugees are addressing challenges around Covid-19.

Refugee Council

The Refugee Councils works directly with thousands of refugees each year. They support them from the moment they arrive in the UK with crisis advice, practical support & mental health counselling. They are continuing to support refugees during the spread of Covid-19 by adapting services for phone and online. 

Refugee Action

Refugee Action has moved to respond to the potentially enormous effects that the coronavirus will have. The wellbeing of refugees, people seeking asylum, our staff and volunteers is their number one consideration. They have been preparing for the practicalities of social distancing and restricted travel.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

They also help with urgent needs of refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants. The help they can offer will depend on where you are. 

Find out more here.

Migrant Children's Project

The Migrant Children's Project offers free initial legal advice on all issues affecting migrant, asylum-seeking and refugee children, young people and families including:

  • Immigration, asylum and nationality law
  • Support and accommodation
  • Age assessment
  • Education, work and training
  • Health care. 

Asylum Aid

Asylum Aid is an independent, national charity who work to secure protection for people seeking refuge in the United Kingdom from persecution and human rights abuses abroad.

They provide free, accessible, high-quality legal services to asylum-seekers with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and excluded. 


Xenia brings migrant, refugee, asylum-seeking and British women together to connect, share and learn together.

Their in-person workshops are suspended at the moment, but women can still participate online or via phone!


Praxis provide expert advice helping people to navigate the complexities of immigration law and safeguard their future.