Our values

Transparency and accountability

We aim to communicate openly and honestly with our community, clients, funders and each other. We value lived experience and advocate for knowledge equity (giving value to lived experience that is equal and equitable to the value we may give academic or professional experience). 

Intersectionality through inclusion

We understand that different parts of our identity can give us an advantage in our society over others or contribute towards marginalisation and exclusion. All our work takes an intersectional approach; we believe inclusion must be intersectional. 

Empowering our communities

We believe in equipping communities with tools that match their individual needs. This includes making educational resources, opportunities and support services accessible and available to them. We are a Community Interest Company; community is at the heart of everything we do. This means we listen to our community's data, insights and feedback to guide our decision-making throughout our work.

Creativity through collaboration

We are constantly identifying creative opportunities to connect, collaborate and create engaging, impactful, educational and inspirational content together as a team.

Commitment to continuous learning

We are passionate about learning and will always seek ways to innovate and improve so that we can offer the best service possible to our community.

Kindness in clarity

We are committed to establishing a supportive spaces where people care for one another, operating with kindness and compassion in everything we do. 

Radical self-care 

We care for ourselves so that we may care for others. We take the time we need to recharge and rebuild to deliver impactful work and support the communities we care about.

Work with us

To find out more about:

  • Opportunities to work with us 
  • Adding a resource
  • Becoming a community ambassador 
  • Or giving us feedback, please get in touch