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REWRITE London runs courses, editorial services, book reviews, a magazine and live events for women of colour writers in the UK. Online courses are available around the world.

Good Finance

Good Finance is a collaborative project to help improve access to information on social investment for charities and social enterprises. It has curated a list of over 60 grants and funds that social enterprises and charities in the UK can apply to. 

Southall Black Sisters

Southall Black Sisters provides an advocacy service for women affected by gender based violence. They offer specialist advice, information, casework, advocacy, counselling and self-help support services in several community languages, especially South Asian languages. Whilst their focus is on the needs of black and minority women, we will not turn any woman away who needs emergency help.

The Winch

The Winch is a programme for young people in Camden and their families to access support to challenge injustice which affects them and their communities. They offer youth clubs, projects, holiday programmes, celebrations, creative spaces, after-school clubs and more.

Talk to Frank

Find out everything you need to know about drugs, their effects and the law. Go to Talk to Frank for facts, support and advice on drugs and alcohol.


Amaliah is an online content platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of Muslim women.


A member-led community organisation which celebrates, empowers, promotes and supports Asian, Black, Latin, Middle Eastern people, and people from other diverse ethnicities, living and connected to St Leonards and Hastings. They aim to decolonise power structures, oppose discrimination and to provide welcoming and inclusive safe spaces.

Black Ballad

Black Ballad is a UK based lifestyle platform that seeks to tell the human experience through eyes of Black British women.

Front Line Therapy

Frontline Therapist is dedicated to making psychological therapy accessible for Black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals, as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds. They have a range of eBooks, Planners and E-Courses to help you journey to mental health goodness, as well as a affordable ways of accessing low-cost counselling. They work on a range of topics from addiction to racism and microagressions.

Burnt Roti

Burnt Roti is a South Asian lifestyle magazine dedicated to showcasing the best and brightest in the community. They also have a directory for women of colour (racialised women) therapists in London.

Latino Life

Latino Life is the UK's widest reaching and most established Latin media outlet.

They offer a comprehensive guide to what’s on in the UK and a magazine packed with interesting articles, interviews, reviews and columns about Latin America, Spain, Portugal and their diasporas.

Dialogue Books

Dialogue Books, spearheaded by publisher Sharmaine Lovegrove, is the home to a variety of stories from illuminating voices often excluded from the mainstream. 

Melan Mag

Launched to serve as the online BFF for the UK woman of colour (racialised women). Primarily - but not exclusively - for women living in London, Melan Mag features news, information and pieces on notable Black role models, fashion, health and beauty, travel and lifestyle.

The Friend Zone Podcast

Hosted by three friends - Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey, and Assanté - The Friend Zone is a podcast exploring mental health and mental hygiene. New episodes every Wednesday.

The 4Front Project

The 4Front Project is a youth-led organisation supporting young people of colour (racialised people) with experiences of violence and/or in contact with the criminal justice system to fight for justice, peace and freedom.

Flock Together

A support club combatting the under-representation of People of Colour (racialised people) in birdwatching by organising birdwatching walks and events. The community includes experienced birders and enthusiastic first timers. 

Migrant Media

A project providing young Africans with reliable information and training on migration issues and social media to make informed decisions and be aware of safer migration options to Europe.