Zoe Daniels: Brand and Engagement Lead

Zoe Daniels is smiling standing on a pebbled beach, they have pink braids with a red scarf and a red and blue jacket

Zoe (they/them) has worked with Spark & Co. as the Brand and Engagement Lead for two years, having developed the organisations inclusive brand and supported with qualitative research and community facilitation for our clients such as Mind and Macmillan. 

Zoe has a track record of building and maintaining relationships with community organisations, has experience in facilitation for research, working with people with complex needs and expertise designing inclusive content for Spark & Co.

They have worked with organisations like The Hastings Refugee Buddy Project and Migrants Organise on their Solidarity Knows No Borders campaign. Zoe was also the Head of Marketing and Vice Chair of All in One Education, a charity providing educational resources with an intersectional lense to schools and universities. They sit on the advisory board of The Eggtooth Project, a community organisation championing and providing inclusive mental health care. 

Zoe is a champion of people and communities experiencing marginalisation, and believes that only through collective action and education can we achieve equality.  Zoe is currently also providing anti-racism workshops to teachers in their local community where they aim to uproot racism from its core.